By: nishashah

Oct 08 2010

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The number of smokers in Malaysia is on the rise although there are an increasing prices and campaigns on the health risk of smoking done by the government. By then, it is also no substantive improvement in the smoking rate or exposure to secondhand smoke. Therefore, it is reported that many of nonsmokers are being exposed to secondhand smoke. The innocent victims include the smokers’ own wives, children or people who just to be around smokers. Moreover, this increasing number of smokers is also due to the high number of teenagers who took up smoking in the early year 2000s.

The government have implement the rules that forbid smoker to smoke at certain place like indoor public places, workplaces, public transport and so on, but still people ignore it. We can see people smoking in public places and at the same time can cause to air pollution indirectly.

There are several killer diseases which are either caused or worsened by smoking. Research showed that eight out of ten cases of heart disease are recorded in Malaysia to be caused by smoking. Others, it also can contribute to lung diseases such as lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema. Children also can be harmed by passive smoking and babies born to mother who smoke during pregnancy are often underweight and can suffer developmental difficulties as a result. We are always being exposed to the danger of smoking. The picture on cigarette box clearly shows the cause of smoking. The horrible image could make people aware about the consequence of smoking. However, it seems that people still ignore the warning and all the campaigns done look to be useless for them.

The government has been spending millions of dollar on publicity campaigns in order to encourage people to stop smoking. There are a lot of television ads, banners, posters, pamphlet and others intent to make people realize about the bad outcome of smoking. Hope that they can stop smoking habit and start to have a healthy lifestyle.

Stop smoking now as the biggest gift you can give to yourself and people around you. However, it needs tremendous will power and expert helps as you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, therapies like acupuncture and recommendation supplement by your doctor are highly effective in stopping this habit.


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